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Parenting Issues?

The hardest job you will ever love


Are you frustrated, worried and feeling overwhelmed as a parent? Guiding our children to a healthy and happy independence and adulthood is not something we are born knowing how to do. We all have different beliefs about parenting and different experiences of being parented. Some of the things our parents did we would like to imitate, others we hope never to do. Our spouse may have an entirely different perspective. The balance between protecting and letting go is difficult to negotiate, especially during adolescence.

In addition to my professional training, I have experience in raising nine children, three who were born to me and six step-children.

Remembering that having 'perfect parents' would probably be one of the worst things that could happen to a child is just one thing I learned as a single parent, a step-mother, and a co-parent.

Please call and make an appointment to learn how to bring out the truly great parent you are and see the truly great child you are helping to bring to the rest of the world.

Please call or email me for an appointment.

Christine Cipperly

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