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Marriage in Trouble?

Is your marriage or relationship in trouble?

I believe in marriage.

Divorce is devastating on many levels. For most people, it is a financial disaster. The damage it does to children is well documented. Even if your children are adults, their world is shaken badly by a divorce. They can no longer come home. Holidays and vacations will never be the same. Their children will not have grandparents who represent stability and continuity.

Children hate it when their parents fight. Many people say that divorce is better than fighting. Unfortunately, people do not necessarily stop fighting when they divorce. Without intending to hurt their children, they fight over the children, causing the children even more pain. 

Divorce is not the answer to fighting in a marriage. The answer to ending the fighting is to learn to stop fighting. If you are married, why not be as happily married as you can be?

I am committed to helping you to keep your marriage intact, but most importantly to help you learn how to be happy with your marriage.


If you are both committed to saving your relationship, and sincerely
want to improve your lives together, I can he
lp you find a way to do that.
Acceptance and forgiveness are possible in any relationship. I have
helped many couples overcome incredible obstacles to rebuild trust
and revive the love and intimacy they had lost.

Do you both want to make a commitment?
I can help you.

I use the Gottman approach to marriage counseling. I have been trained through Level II and am continuing to be trained, with the goal of becoming a certified Gottman Therapist. I like Gottman because it is based on over 40 years of observing and working with couples. John Gottman has made his life's work to figure out what couples do to make their marriages work, and what other couples do that leads to unhappiness and breaking up. For more information about Gottman, go to Gottman.com 


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Please call or email me for an appointment.

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