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About Me


My life experiences have influenced my ability to relate to you. My own spiritual journey has led me to believe that by being present in a compassionate way, I can create an environment where you will be able to be more present and compassionate with yourself.

I come to this profession having had the experience of divorce, single parenting, re-marriage and blending a large family of nine children, raising small children whose mother had died, and working with death and dying as the first Yolo County HIV/AIDS Coordinator. In addition, I worked with substance abusers for many years, and also have a fifteen year history in working with engaged couples helping them prepare for marriage.

Currently, I am being trained in the Gottman approach to couples counseling. I believe John Gottman has developed the most effective approach to helping couples change their own behavior in order to make their marriages work. His theories are based on more than 40 years of working with and observing couples, and learning what couples do to make their marriages last, and what couples do that break down their marriages. For more information about Gottman and the Gottman Institute; go to Gottman.com


In the therapy relationship, I will be able to support you in healing and accepting yourself. By creating a safe and trusting environment, I can help you find your ‘authentic’ voice and speak your own truth, and learn to understand your own story, and take authorship.

Since earning my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 2010, I worked as a counseling intern at Catholic Social Services in Sacramento where I counseled low income clients and families. I also worked as a school counselor at Holy Spirit Parish School in Fairfield, where I saw children and their families who need emotional support and help. I am fully Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist accepting clients in private practice in Davis.



Please call or email me for an appointment.

Christine Cipperly, LMFT License # 80880

(530) 400-4757

[email protected]